Hakomiway Team

Ron Kurtz

Ron Kurtz is the originator of the Hakomi Method and a preeminent influence in progressive psychotherapy. Ron has led hundreds of trainings and workshops around the world over the last quarter of a century and continues to teach internationally. Ron is a master therapist, gifted teacher and author of Body-Centered Psychotherapy: The Hakomi Method, and coauthor of The Body Reveals and Grace Unfolding.

Ron Kurtz is the recipient of the US Association of Body Psychotherapy’s 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award which is to be presented July 25, 2008 at the USABP’s Conference in Philadelphia.

                                                                Donna Daviesnew

Donna Martin


Donna Martin is a Hakomi therapist and international trainer who has worked closely with Ron Kurtz since 1991. Donna has many years of experience as a bodymind therapist and stress management specialist, yoga and meditation teacher, psychotherapist and addictions counsellor. She currently teaches in Canada, the United States, Hawaii, Japan, United Kingdom, South America and Mexico.




T. Flint Sparks

T. Flint Sparks, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist and Zen Buddhist priest. Flint has over thirty years experience as a psychotherapist and teacher. His academic training includes graduate degrees in both biology and psychology, with post-doctoral certifications in Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, and Group Psychotherapy. Along with his work as a psychologist and trainer, Flint founded the Austin Zen Center and has been authorized as a Zen Teacher. He now teaches at the Ordinary Mind Zendo in Austin, Texas.



Bob Milone

Bob Milone

Bob Milone is a Hakomi Therapist, and Senior Trainer with The Hakomi Educational Network. He has been privledged to work with, and learn from Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin for many years now.
Fueled by the challenges of a broken marriage, Bob first met Hakomi as a client. A life long interest in consciousness, philosophy, and what it is to be a human being led him to train in the method.
Degrees in theatre and education, and a variety of work/life experience including social work, teaching, development work in Haiti, and house building, have all contributed to who he is today.


Bob began working as a therapist, and offering workshops in The Practice Of Loving Presence in 1998. He is currently leading trainings in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, England, and Ireland. He also works with individuals and couples in his private practice. Bob lives on Salt Spring Island with his wife, Marcia. He is a grandfather, a woodworker, and the father of two grown sons.


Ron Kurtz has this to say: “I’ve known Bob for nearly two decades. He’s one of the finest people I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. He’s a great teacher and a true master of the Hakomi Method.”

Georgia Marvin

Georgia Marvin

Georgia has trained in the Hakomi tradition with Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin for the past nine years. She loves the Hakomi method because it blends subtle and masterful tools of modern sciences of the mind with Buddhist principles of mindfulness and compassion to provide its students with a life long practice of self study. Georgia received her undergraduate degree from UBC and her postgraduate teaching diplomas from UBC and U of Calgary. From 1993 to 2007, she has served as director and Chairman of boards in both the private and the public sectors, including the Board of Governors of Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design.

Georgia has a private client Hakomi practice, contributes to the development of Hakomi trainings in Canada, Mexico and England, and is creating opportunities for Hakomi to be integrated into the heart of healing and caregiving organizations in Vancouver and into the heart of business as a thought leader at The Next Institute.


Jeff Chernove

Jeff Chernove


Jeff Chernove is a Certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer living with his life partner, Georgia Marvin, in a floating home on the Fraser River in Ladner (Delta), BC.  Jeff’s love of wild places and his love of Hakomi are shared with friends and clients aboard Seabear, their 37 foot Nordic Tug, which takes them to beautiful islands and inlets along the BC and Alaska coastline.


Jeff’s lifework is teaching and practising Hakomi in the tradition of his teachers Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin, in private practice as well as in the Vancouver Hakomi trainings and workshops. Seeing clients and students gain more freedom and peace in their lives is as fulfilling to Jeff now as it was 9 yrs. ago when he started in private practice. It is a privilege to accompany  another human being on a journey of self discovery, as this journey sometimes requires one to be fully with another in their pain of loss and grief , as well as  in the discovery of their inner resources.  Jeff and Georgia compassionately work together with couples, helping them to discover the habits in relationship that cause them unnecessary suffering.



Adama Hamilton

Adama Hamilton

Adama Hamilton is a Certified Therapist, Teacher and Trainer. He has trained with, taught, traveled and assisted Ron Kurtz extensively since 2003. Adama has been with Ron as he has refined the Hakomi Method and developed his most recent understandings, workshops and trainings and has helped and continues to assist in this ongoing and unfolding process.

Adama has taught and led workshops and trainings in Europe, Canada, Japan and the US. Some interesting life adventures include earning and surviving a Masters Degree in Education, working as a Therapist and Training Specialist in a Tri-county Community Mental Health Organization in Michigan for 7 years, working as an Iron Worker, becoming a professional glass artist for 7 years and over 25 years of Martial Arts experience that involved teaching and training, being granted a US Utility Patent. Adama had a life changing “spiritual” experience in June of 2001 and continues to embrace and expand from this peak experience.

He has been involved with leading edge work in paranormal and psychic “energy work” for over 12 years and finds Hakomi to be a perfect adjunct to this modality giving those he works with a more grounded and practical methodology for working with personal growth, development and self understanding. Helping to empower each individual in their own personal growth, understanding and mastery is where Adama finds great pleasure, interest, joy and fulfillment in his life.

Roland Berard

Roland Berard

Roland Berard is a certified Hakomi Therapist and Trainer. He has been studying with Donna Martin, Ron Kurtz and Greg Johanson, since 2002. In 2003, in collaboration with Donna Martin, he introduced Hakomi to the Montreal area and has assisted Donna and served as organizer of these bilingual trainings for the last 6 years. He continues to support the Hakomi community in the area.

Roland is also a graduate of Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner and teacher training programs, a Reiki Master /Teacher and a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Roland worked as an engineer and project manager for over 25 years before making the career change to therapist and healing practitioner in 2001.

Roland is totally bilingual and has a private practice in Montreal, Québec, Canada. His passion for healing and his unique way of combining these different approaches help his clients move towards health and well-being.


Roland Berard est certifié comme thérapeute et formateur en Hakomi. Il étudie sous Donna Martin, Ron Kurtz et Greg Johanson depuis 2002. En 2003, en collaboration avec Donna Martin, il a introduit le Hakomi dans la région de Montréal et a assisté Donna et servi comme organisateur de ces formations bilingues pour les 6 dernières années. Il continue de supporter la communauté dans la région.

Roland est aussi diplômé de l’école de Barbara Brennan en tant que praticien et enseignant. Il est Maître et enseignant de Reiki et un praticien de la technique Emotional Freedom (EFT). Roland a travaillé comme ingénieur et directeur de projet pendant plus de 25 années avant de faire un changement de carrière en 2001 à celui de thérapeute et praticien en guérison.

Roland est parfaitement bilingue et a une pratique privée à Montréal, Québec, Canada. Sa passion pour la guérison et sa façon unique de combiner ces différentes approches aide à ces client(e)s à cheminer vers la guérison et le bien-être.


Danielle Laferrière

Danielle Laferrière

Danielle Laferrière, osteopath, DO, MROQ, works as a body-mind therapist, a teacher of mindfulness, Qi Gong and Chinese Energetic for over 25 years. She gave workshops in France, Costa Rica and Quebec. She is a certified Hakomi therapist trained by Ron Kurtz and Donna Martin and a Teacher of Hakomi in Quebec. She has a degree from the Fine Arts School of Montreal, and studied Art Education and Theater at UQUAM.

Danielle lives with her husband Hersh Gottheil near St-Sauveur (45min. from Montreal), where she teaches Hakomi with her partner, and has her practice in a workshop space at the edge of the forest. She sees the Hakomi method as a thread that ties oriental wisdom together with current western appreciation of how mind and body relate.

She said: “I wanted to get Hakomi and Hakomi got me!”


Danielle Laferrière, ostéopathe, DO MROQ, travaille comme thérapeute et enseigne la Présence à Soi, le Qi Gong, et l’énergétique chinoise depuis plus de 25 ans. Elle a donné des stages en France, au Costa Rica et au Québec. Certifiée comme thérapeute et enseignante en Hakomi ayant eu la chance d’être formée par Ron Kurtz et Dona Martin, elle pratique et enseigne le Hakomi au Québec. Elle a aussi un diplôme des Beaux Arts de Montréal, ainsi qu’en éducation en art et en théâtre à l’UQUAM.

Elle vit à la campagne avec son mari Hersh Gottheil et a un centre près de la forêt ou elle enseigne la méthode Hakomi avec son conjoint, et y pratique comme thérapeute. Elle voit la méthode Hakomi comme un lien entre la tradition orientale et les plus récentes découvertes de la relation entre le corps et l’esprit.

Elle dit: ”Je voulais apprendre le Hakomi et c’est le Hakomi qui m’a prit!”


Web: www.hakomi-quebec.ca

Email: danielle.laferriere@me.com

Hersh Gottheil

Hersh Gottheil

Hersh has been a practicing counselor and therapist since 1987. He holds a Certificate in Adult Education and Counseling from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education where he trained in Psychosynthesis, Group Process and Art Therapy. In 1988 he moved to Ashland Oregon and trained with Ron Kurtz for six months. Qi Gong and meditation is also part of his life. Hersh is a Certified Hakomi Teacher, works with individuals, couples and groups and assists and teaches in Hakomi trainings. He now lives in Saint-Sauveur Quebec (where the road ends and the forest begins) with his wife Danielle, has a private practice and collaborates teaching The Hakomi Method.

“There is a wonderful potential for real transformation when people feel safe, respected and supported… Hakomi offers that and more”.


Hersh pratique comme thérapeute depuis 1987. Diplomé en Adult Education and Counseling à OISE, il a aussi une formation en psychosynthèse, travail de groupe et thérapie par l’art. En 1988 il se rend à Ashland Orégon et pour six mois et étudie la méthode Hakomi avec Ron Kurtz. La méditation et le Qi Gong font aussi partie de sa vie. Il est un enseignant certifié de la méthode Hakomi et travaille en individuel, avec des couples et des groupes. Il demeure à St-Sauveur, à l’aurée du bois, avec son épouse Danielle, et collabore à l’enseignement de la méthode Hakomi au Québec.

“Il y a une grande possibilité de transformation lorsque nous nous sentons en sécurité, respecté et accompagné… Hakomi offre celà et plus encore.”



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