Hakomiway Update



from Ron Kurtz


As I approach the end of my long career, I am preparing to travel less, work more in Ashland. I will continue to do workshops and trainings, mostly therapy intensives, master classes and to do some parts of the Level 1, Heart of Hakomi training and the Level 2, The Art of Hakomi training. How many of these I do will depend on how much energy I have. I hope to have the assistance of some very wonderful teachers and trainers: Donna Martin, Bob Milone, Flint Sparks, Georgia Marvin, Adama Hamilton, among others. I have well over 500 video tapes of talks and therapy sessions I have done over the years. This summer, I will add about 100 others. The camera person, Dennis Remick, has forty years of professional experience in the field and we are using a broadcast quality video camera. With a good deal of editing, done be people like Donna and Dennis, I hope to produce a set of teaching DVD’s and a large set of session DVD’s with accompanying annotated transcripts. The final products will include a complete teaching vehicle. My health is holding at about what can be expected of a 74 year old man with a few significant challenges. I am planning to write at least two more books and have found a wonderful collaborator in Helma Mair of Ireland. We’re beginning the work of taking the almost 1000 pages of writing that I have already generated and putting them into something concise and readable. On a personal level, my home life is the best it’s ever been, full of love, laughter and good eats.


For the last ten years or so, I have been almost exclusively with my colleagues at in Hakomi Educational Network Team and no longer with the Hakomi Institute. The Institute and I have some remaining disagreements, and while they have not yet been resolved, we’re working on it. As this has happened over a period of nearly twenty years, the result has been that their trainings do not reflect my thinking or the latest developments in the method. We are now too far apart in style and vision to remain the “partners” we once were. Lastly, this month, I will be honored twice, once by receiving an honorary doctorate from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, where I will give the commencement address, and by the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy which is giving me a Lifetime Achievement Award. I am truly grateful for the recognition of my work. I would be happy to hear from you, should you wish to respond.





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