How to prepare for Gmat Reading Comprehension

  • Set particular time for reading comprehension. For example, you can give yourself 3 minutes for short passages and 4 minutes for long passages. There’s nothing you will get by rushing to read the comprehension as soon as possible. Whenever you read any particular paragraph note down the time you took to read that particular paragraph. Improve yourself if you were taking more time.
  • When you are reading a paragraph, you just need to grasp the content of the paragraph. Don’t try to memorize that one. Just look at the theme of the paragraph, main points of the paragraph so that you will have an idea of what’s the paragraph is really about. You can simply ignore the minute details of the comprehension. They will add no value in return you will just waste your time. Smoothly go through the paragraph and if you don’t understand anything re read that particular part of the paragraph. Doing it this way will save you the ample of time. You can also check few GMAT Preperation tips here.
  • One important thing in reading comprehension is takin notes. Yet so many people ignore it considering it as time waste. While reading the passages, note down the important notes on another paper. Try to minimalize the content of the paragraph. Or you can do by mentioning the main keywords of the paragraph so that when you look at the paragraph, you can memorize the whole content of the paragraph. With this technique, you will learnt he ability to read comprehensions very faster.When you are tying to learn in this way, do as mentioned. First read the paragraph and note down the important points on a paper. Don’t even look at the questions at that moment. After one day, open the questions and try to answer them without even looking at the passage. By practising this method, you will come to know that wether you are noting down the points of the paragraph in the correct way or not. If you are not able to answer the questions, look down where you gone wrong and try to rectify that mistake from the next time.
  • One of the simple yet important strategy is to read the question before you read the comprehension. Yes, you read it right. Don’t look at the answer choices. Just read the question. While doing this way, you can easily find the answer while reading the passage later because you had read that question just before.